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Tiny Worlds

Tiny Worlds

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“Tiny Worlds” consists of two contrasting but complementary etudes. The first etude, A Tiny World, All to Ourselves, is designed to strengthen thumb independence while introducing basic syncopation and a cross-string triplet. It is intimate in nature, featuring lengthy sustained notes and heavy repetition. The second etude, Outside, Where the Grass Grows Green, is a spritely tremolando study that cycles through alternate picking patterns. The notated fingering has been carefully selected to provide a strategically varied warm-up or practice session.

Ben Lahring (b. 1986) is an Associate Composer of the Canadian Music Centre and a member of the Canadian League of Composers. Additionally, he is the classical guitar instructor at Ambrose University. From his formative years spent in tropical northern Australia to a globe-spanning music career, Lahring has always been bold in his musical explorations. As a performer-composer, his album Driftwood was reviewed to high acclaim as "a work of originality and shimmering beauty" (Vivascene) and “one of the most singularly beautiful guitar recitals” (Fanfare Magazine). Lahring counts among his composition teachers Dr. Heva Chan in Sydney, Australia, and Drs. Laurie Radford and Allan Bell in Calgary, Canada.

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