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Method Without The Madness (Guitar)

Method Without The Madness (Guitar)

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Jaci Simpson's Guitar Method is a step-by-step approach to reading the notes of the guitar in first position. This method avoids the pitfalls of other methods by being more gradual and using real songs for practice. Includes over 100 exercises and recognizable tunes!

From the Foreword:

Jaci’s no-nonsense approach to learning music notation is the simplest, most efficient method I’ve ever come across! She’s managed to achieve a practical method for learning introductory guitar notation without the pages full of text and dull exercises that are commonplace in beginner music books. Jaci draws on decades of teaching experience by using dozens and dozens of familiar tunes to make the learning process enjoyable for everyone - students, teachers, and audiences!

This is an extremely well-paced method that introduces new concepts incrementally, allowing students the necessary time to fully absorb the information being presented. If this method had been written 400 years ago, everyone would be a guitarist!!

- Ben Lahring, MusiCurate founder

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