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Forest Waltz

Forest Waltz

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"Forest Waltz" is a composition borne from a myriad of inspirations. While the lush forests of British Columbia served as a primary muse, the vibrant colours of autumn and elements of pop culture also contributed to its creation. Influenced by the sense of adventure and wonder found in video games, including the thrill of discovery in new game areas, this piece embodies a rich tapestry of emotions.

Gabriel Diaz (b. 1998) is a Cuban/French-Canadian guitarist and composer based in Vancouver, B.C. He credits his father for introducing him to music which, at a young age, paved the way for his eclectic compositional style. Diaz's first band, Goons, was once described as “alternative jazz rap", and his following bands, Mind Offline and SQWATR, each had drastic and unique stylistic differences. Diaz earned his Bachelor of Music from Vancouver Community College under the tutelage of guitarist Adrian Verdejo. Additional lessons and masterclasses with Rene Izquierdo, Patrick Roux, Jason Vieux, and Jerome Ducharme have also been influential to his playing and writing.

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