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Blessings of the Years

Blessings of the Years

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"Blessings for the Years" was written to celebrate the 80th birthday of one of the composer’s students, Maryellen, to whom the piece was dedicated. This piece balances conservative technical demands with a recurring groove that adds excitement and lift to the music. It is frequently favoured by Beauvais as as a dynamic concert opener for his own shows.

William Beauvais combines a mastery of his instrument with a devotion to composition. He has composed for many notable performers and ensembles, and his music is played around the world. As a guitarist, he won first prizes at the Canadian Music Competition and at the World Centre For Guitar in Martinique. He has taught at the University of Windsor, Queen's University and has been teaching at York University since 1996. He was a faculty member of the Royal Conservatory of Music from 1980 - 2010 and is an Associate Composer of the Canadian Music Centre.

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