Digital Rights

Thank you for respecting the digital rights outlined below. Your adherence to these guidelines helps support the livelihoods of independent music professionals and ensures a sustainable future for quality digital sheet music.

Here's what you need to know about the digital rights associated with our sheet music:

Purchasing and Use
When you purchase digital sheet music from MusiCurate, you are granted the right to use the purchased material for personal and non-commercial purposes. Your purchase allows you to print the sheet music for your own use or digitally store it for personal access.

It is strictly prohibited to share, distribute, or resell digital sheet music obtained from MusiCurate. Unauthorized use, reproduction, or distribution may result in legal action.

Performance Rights
Purchasing sheet music from MusiCurate grants you the right to perform the music for personal enjoyment, educational purposes, or non-commercial performances. For any commercial performance or public use, please contact us to obtain the necessary licenses and permissions.

Digital Playback and Sharing
Digital playback files (audio and MIDI) provided with certain sheet music are for personal use and study. Sharing or distributing these files is not allowed.

Digital Security
Our platform employs digital security measures to protect the integrity of our digital sheet music and the rights of our contributors. Any attempt to bypass or violate these security measures is strictly prohibited.

Contact Information
If you have any questions or concerns regarding digital rights or usage, please contact us at